Easy Way to Change Your Car’s Air Filter

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Do you remember your last oil change at a quick lube? The mechanic can show how dirty your air filter is and recommend for you to replace it. Simple things as changing your car’s air filter shouldn’t have cost you if you only know how to do it. It’s simple and will save you money in the future in case you need to replace your air filter again.


Having your oil changed would have cost you $20. Imagine paying double for an extra air filter replacement. Air filters cost $10 only for most vehicles. Shops charge you a standard rate even for simple services you could do yourself.  RandomFix offers a lot of DIYs on our channel and on the site itself! With the price of charge, you’d think the shop uses tools that only mechanics can use. Think again.


This DIY replacement project is one of the easiest maintenance jobs you can perform for your vehicle. It’ll only take a minute that doesn’t require special tools.


You could always start changing your oil then proceed to replace your air filter. Doing things by yourself (safely) could help you save money that you can allocate on more important things.


What is an air filter?


The engine will need lots of clean air to run. When the air mixes with gas, the spark plug gives a spark resulting in combustion. If you want to run your engine efficiently, you need to make sure that it takes in clean air. The problem arises when the air filter is clogged and doesn’t allow for proper air flow. Driving with a dirty air filter can decrease your fuel economy since it full of junk and debris.


Imagine all the dirt, dust, salt, and bird feathers that your engine can suck in to create a controlled explosion to move your motor. You don’t want any of these stuff in your engine

Air filters are located right before the intake manifold of the engine. Most are rectangular by shape while the older cars have air filters shaped like a donut. It is made up of paper-like, porous material that is folded similarly like an accordion.


They prevent the particulates and dirt from getting through and only allows the clean air to pass.


Why change your air filter?

, Easy Way to Change Your Car’s Air Filter, We are RandomFix World

Fuel Efficiency


You need to replace your air filter regularly to increase your car’s fuel efficiency. Logging in thousands of miles can get the screen dirty and clogged. It would be hard for the air to pass off the dirt and other particulates block it from entering the engine. When air is not enough, your engine will compensate by using more fuel to run your engine. Save money and change your filter regularly.


Extended Engine Life


Despite the size and power of an engine, they can be susceptible to small particles and dirt. The dirt and particles will accumulate and cause severe damage to the internal parts of the engine. Spending a $10 for a new air filter is so much better than wasting thousands of dollars for a new engine.


Reduced Emission


The reduced airflow messes with the emission control systems of your car and spews more bad stuff in the atmosphere than it usually does. And we know these chemicals won’t do anything good for our environment.


How often is ‘regularly’?

You need to change your air filter around every 12 months or 12,000 miles depending on which comes first. Do it more frequently when you live in a neighborhood or area that you know is dusty.


Make sure to check it every time you change your oil. Look for the specifics on your owner’s manual to change for make and the model.


Now that we’ve learned so much about air filters, it’s time to learn how to do the replacement!


Buy A New Air Filter


Air filters are cheap, only $10 to $13 in an auto parts store or maybe in the grocery at Walmart. Once you’ve checked your owner’s manual or the list hanging off a shelf in the store you will determine the year, make, and the model of your car. Then you will find out what parts you need for it.


Air Filter Box


Next, you should open your hood and locate the air filter box. It’s the plastic box on the side or top of your engine. It usually has a large hose that sticks out of its side. Open the box and remove the air filter along with the dirt that lodged in it.


The New Air Filter

, Easy Way to Change Your Car’s Air Filter, We are RandomFix World


Look at the old filter and see the inside folds where there are gunk and dirt that accumulated. Vacuum the air filter box before installing the new air filter. Time for a new one! Put in the new filter in the filter box and let it sit snugly inside. Close the box and snap the metal clips.


Well done! Your car will no longer gasp for air.


Do you think your air filter needs changing?

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