Changing Your Cabin Air Filter? It’s Simple!

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While an air filter cleans air going into the engine to mix with the fuel and then a spark, cabin air filter cleans the air that comes into the car, blown to the cockpit or cabin. Often, you will find pollen filters inside the car underneath or behind the glove box.

The owner’s service manual will verify that your car has a cabin air filter and will tell you where to find it. In some cars, they call it ‘air conditioning,’ dust filter, or maybe a micro-cabin air filter. What you must know is that there are two types of cabin air filters: the odor/particulate combination filters and the particulate filters. Make a record every time you have your cabin air filter changed to know when the next change is going to happen.

RandomFix can provide you a step-by-step guide on different DIYs car repairs and advice like how to change your cabin air filter. You will save more money in doable tasks by yourself than taking your car to a mechanic.

Here is how you change your cabin air filter:

In most cases changing your cabin air filter can be this easy, open the glove box and take out everything inside. You should proceed by removing the limiting stop arm located on the right side of the glove box. Do this by sliding it off the pin.

Grasp the back and front of the glove box and squeeze them toward each other. Do this until the side clamps are popped free. Look at the faceplate to the cabin air filter channel and remove the cabin air filter.

Lift the latches on the faceplate sides. Slide it out, then open the filter compartment.

, Changing Your Cabin Air Filter? It’s Simple!, We are RandomFix World

cabin air filter2

Pull out the old cabin air filter. Be careful in pulling it out to avoid scattering any trash, dirt, or trash inside your car. Notice which way the arrows are facing while removing the filter, these arrows indicate the airflow direction.

Tidy up the chamber of the filter, then check the seals and the gaskets. Vacuum the filter chamber to make sure there are no stray contaminants. Check and make sure that the gaskets and seals don’t need replacements as well.

, Changing Your Cabin Air Filter? It’s Simple!, We are RandomFix World

Install the new cabin air filter and make sure it matches the old one. You need to make sure that the arrows on the new air filter points in the same direction as the old filter you replaced. Slide the new filter in.

Once the new cabin filter is in place, replace the faceplate and put the glove box back. Reinstall the limiting stop and put the contents you removed earlier back in the glove box. In some European or luxury vehicle, you can find the cabin air filter under the hood.

Have you tried to change your cabin air filter yet?

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