Car Oil Basics: How often should you change?

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Changing your oil in regular intervals is advisable to make sure that your car is running smoothly. But how often do you really have to change your car oil? How long, either time or mileage, between the oil change. RandomFix will help you answer this simple question!

The traditional oil change recommendation should be whichever comes first, every 3 months or 3,000 miles. The new standard is to change your oil every 5,000 miles to 20,000 depending on the vehicle make without worrying if your car is in optimal operating conditions.

Car Oil, Car Oil Basics: How often should you change?, We are RandomFix World

The frequency in changing your oil depends on the recommendations of your manufacturer, your car’s wear and tear experience, and your environment.

How frequent should you change oil?

There are various conditions to have an impact on your oil frequency change and we need to understand why we have to get an oil change in the first place. Dirty motor oil is less effective as many of the protective additives in the motor oil tend to lose their protective properties over time. The crankcase is filled with oil and the contaminants in dirty oil can eat into the metal parts and sludge is formed overtime when the water collects. Think about this, oil is sometimes the only barrier between two metal parts rubbing on each other but when the oil has a lot of metal shavings and particles that are way abrasive, parts of the engine wears away.

By instinct, you know that changing oil should be done regularly and at reasonable intervals. But how do we know that it’s the right time to change it? How long or in how many miles must we change the car engine oil?

Car Oil, Car Oil Basics: How often should you change?, We are RandomFix World

It’s important to keep a record of when you last changed the car oil. Some diesel engine oils appear to be pretty black a couple of days following an oil change whereas the engine oil in hybrid vehicles will look almost new even after 10,000 miles of service.  In extreme dusty and sandy conditions it advisable to change your oil 1,000 miles to prevent premature wear. The dirty oil becomes a liability for your car and can shorten your vehicles service life. By changing your car oil frequently, you may greatly extend the engine’s life and even increase the resale value to a future prospective buyer.

Changing Engine Oil Under Extreme Operating Conditions

First, let’s define extreme operating conditions. You are under an extreme operating condition when you do a lot of driving in the city and frequently do stops, going on again to hitting the road. A brilliant example would be the rush-hour traffic where your car experiences stop-and-go driving on the road. Another definition would be making multiple short trips and leaving your car running while parked on a hot day with the air condition cracked to the max. These trips never allow the vehicles even to full heat to operating temperature and can build up engine oil sludge over time.

Other reasons for increased oil changes involve towing another vehicle and super hot temperatures that exceed 100 degrees F. When either of these extreme conditions happens to you, you must change your car oil as often as 1000 up to 3000 miles on the older vehicles. For new cars, there are recommendations made by the manufacturer that should be followed under extreme car use.

Changing Engine Oil Under Optimal Operating Conditions

A car oil change can also vary on the recommendations of the car manufacturer. Some manufacturers suggest that car oil is changed every 7,500 miles or more depending on the optimum operating conditions. The obvious perks of having a newer vehicle are their ability to operate longer with the use of new synthetic motor oils. More recent research has produced motor oil of which efficiency is extended and some oil brands claiming that you only need to change your oil once a year. You might want to change your car oil for every 5000 miles or every six months depending on which one comes first, to be safe.

For less service-minded drivers, who frequently drive on the freeway and long journeys with high-speed driving, extending the interval changing your car oil can be considered, but for the new vehicles only. It’s still best if you don’t go over 5,000 miles to change. Under no circumstances should you fail to follow the recommendations made by the manufacturer for car oil change interval.

How often did you change your motor oil?

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