, How to ensure proper operation of emissions components and systems, We are RandomFix World
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December 22, 2018
, How to ensure proper operation of emissions components and systems, We are RandomFix World
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January 7, 2019
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How to ensure proper operation of emissions components and systems

, How to ensure proper operation of emissions components and systems, We are RandomFix World

Tips on How to Erase Trouble Codes

Here are the tips on using the battery disconnect method to erase the trouble codes and turn off the check engine light.

, How to ensure proper operation of emissions components and systems, We are RandomFix World

The battery disconnection method may not work on some late model of vehicles since they are stored in the ROM of the ECM. To clear it, only a scan tool will be able to clear it and turn the check engine off or the Malfunction Indicator Lamp.


Remember that some late models of vehicles, disconnecting of the battery won’t clear the trouble codes since they are stored in the ECM’s ROM of the new vehicles. The only tool that will clear the trouble code(s) and turn the check engine off or the MIL- Malfunction Indicator Lamp will be the scan tool. If you want to learn more on how to turn off the Check Engine Light, MIL, and the Service Engine Soon, click here.


If your purpose on performing this procedure is to pass the emissions test with the Check Engine Light, MIL, and the Service Engine Soon— on or illuminated, you may read on the detailed guide on how to reset the check engine light since the procedure for reset applies to all the vehicles.

, How to ensure proper operation of emissions components and systems, We are RandomFix World

You’ve probably heard of information on how to turn the service engine soon light or the check engine light off before the emissions test and pass for the emission test or smog inspection. The smog machine won’t be able to tell that your vehicle that your vehicle had emissions faults by turning off the check engine, MIL, and service engine soon light. Here, all the emissions data from the emissions computer of your vehicle.


You will be guided on the process of how to turn the light off or reset to understand the On-Board Diagnostics emissions or OBD emissions better. It will include the testing process and how service soon light and check engine light is applied to the emissions test.


Be warned, perform the procedure and take proper precautions.


Begin by locating the battery of the vehicle and proceed by disconnecting the 12v negative cable, this is the black wire from the battery terminal. Leave it disconnected for 10 minutes while cycling the ignition switch to ON position thrice.


You’ve just erased the important emissions data that are invaluable the smog technician trying to repair your vehicle. Note that the important “readiness flag” data was deleted, ones that took many hours of driving to compile.


Make sure that the ignition is switched OFF before reconnecting the 12v negative cable or the black wire to the battery terminal.


Cycle ignition should be switched to the ON position and wait a minute before starting your vehicle. The Service Engine Soon Light and the Check Engine Light should be turned OFF and reset.


Succeeding in turning the check engine light OFF means the vehicle hasn’t stored its emissions data in the ROM section of its computer. It also means you have deleted the data of your emissions system and your vehicle’s engine. This could include the system and even the radio settings.


Next step, go ahead and take your vehicle for a typical drive in one week. The emissions computer relearns and gathers data about the emissions component and systems during this period. Some cases require for the vehicle to complete two or three drive cycles, others only need one for the emissions computer On-Board Diagnostics or  OBDII.


What is the Drive Cycle?

, How to ensure proper operation of emissions components and systems, We are RandomFix World

It is the internal tests in a sequence that your emissions computer run while you drive your vehicle to ensure proper functioning of your emissions system. While completing the cycle, the proper ‘readiness flags’ are also set. Every vehicle has a unique test cycle, some run on strict parameters that require extended time for driving to trigger on. Look into your dealership’s service department for readiness flag info and cycle data, it could vary widely.


During the drive or after starting your engine, the vehicle turns the Service Engine Soon light or Check Engine ON after realizing an emissions fault. Here, the emissions computer refuses to set required readiness flag which results to no check engine light and failure to pass the emissions test, too! But you can’t confirm this until your vehicle undergoes smog test. You forfeit the inspection fee if the emissions test center does not offer a re-test for free.


The Smog Test

Take the test. Your vehicle may not be ready for an emissions test, smog check inspection, your emissions computer might not have set the required parameters. You can never really tell until you complete the smog test. Your driving pattern, for a typical or extended time, may have failed to trigger the tests for emissions computer you need to set the readiness flags required, the question is: will you pass the smog check after your vehicle’s trouble codes were erased? Have you thought about your chances of passing the emission test following the check engine light turned OFF and erasing emissions computer data?


The chance to pass the emissions test is slim after a reset. But guess what?! You have to get your vehicle for a smog check before the engine computer could detect the check engine light and illuminate the trouble code after the required readiness flags are set. There is a slim chance of engine computer to set the readiness flags required before the trouble code is detected and illuminate the check engine light. Note that it is better to find a smog repair station you can trust to diagnose the service engine soon light and check engine than waste your time trying to avoid repairs or detection.


Say, you’ve successfully evaded the detection for check engine trouble, now you’re set to pass the emissions test that requires the exhaust sample of your vehicle that the smog machine collects. The California Air Resource Board requires all the components for emissions to function properly. For you to pass the smog test completely, remember to pass the functional, the visual, and the emissions part of the test. You can hide the information about the trouble codes but not the high emissions.


What to remember?

California law only allows the registered owner of the vehicle or a smog repair station to conduct emissions-related repairs that are certified by the state. It is highly recommended that you make sure you visit an auto repair shop that’s smog check certified since the smog check investigators won’t get involved with faulty emissions repairs done at auto shops not certified for emissions. They won’t reimburse the costs if you apply for the consumer assistance program or CAP.

Are you ready to take the smog test and emissions test now?

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