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December 19, 2018
, Replacing and Installing BMW 5 Series Battery E60 Made easy!, We are RandomFix World
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January 4, 2019
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Replacing and Installing BMW 5 Series Battery E60 Made easy!

, Replacing and Installing BMW 5 Series Battery E60 Made easy!, We are RandomFix World

Your car needs a healthy battery in order to start. Most cars today have a 12- volt flood acid battery, which tends to be maintenance-free. More expensive and power-hungry vehicles are coming with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries to supply power to many computers of modern vehicles.

A car battery powers the demand systems of the vehicle. And yes, it is rechargeable. Normally the battery recharges when your BMWs engine is running by the alternator. The poor functioning charging system can sometimes be the cause of your battery failure

However, a battery loses the capacity to hold a charge as time goes by. As a result, it will be unable to start your car as it gets weak. It is best advised to replace the battery before dropping to a critical level.

Battery life

The average battery life lasts for about 5 up to 7 years or even longer when it is kept fully-charged and taken out for a drive daily. Battery deteriorates fast when parked for an extended time period or if stored in at below 12.5 volts.


Signs of a failing battery

You’ll notice that your vehicle engine turns over slower than it usually does when the battery is weak. The dash lights may go dim after flickering when the car is started despite having the battery fully charged.

, Replacing and Installing BMW 5 Series Battery E60 Made easy!, We are RandomFix World

Another sign would be the after turning the engine off and you operate the power-hungry electronics like the power windows. The power window motor will move slower while the engine is off. Take note of the dimmed headlights when the engine idles but when it is revved, the lights become brighter. Look for the battery terminals’ and cables’ corrosion when the battery is weak.


How much?

When the signs of a weak and failing battery are confirmed, the next question in line will be the cost of the battery. It can be expensive which is why you need to take good care and make the most out of it. The cost of a new car battery ranges from $150 to $300 plus. You might as well get ready for an additional charge if you’ll have your dealer replace it for you. But this is what is mostly practiced in RandomFix World, we will give you a guide to follow on how to do the battery replacement by yourself.

Replace and Install

Go to the trunk and open it. Before disconnecting the battery with trunk pop wide open put the vehicle in sleep mode by locking the doors on your keyless remote. After vehicle doors have been locked wait one hour and now your BMW is in sleep mode. Begin with pulling on the like rubber strap from the spare tire cover and secure it to the top of the trunk opening. Access the panel on the right side of the trunk and by removing two little plastic clips. Pop them out and grab the cover from the edges, slide it out of the way and put it aside.

With the cover aside, you will see the battery with a negative terminal (in black) and the positive terminal (in red). Be reminded that you should always disconnect the negative terminal first. The negative and positive terminals are both secured with a 10mm thread. The battery is held down by a long brace with a 13mm bolts at both ends. Loosen the thread on the negative side, then, by the positive terminal. There one hold left that has a 10mm long bolt that runs to battery pan. (After removing the 10mm on the hold-down bracket, turn it upside down and you will see a gasket. Keep that little gasket in place as it to make the re-assembling easier later). Your battery should be loose now and you just a have few steps to go.

Before removing your old battery make sure to disconnect the little vent near the positive terminal. With all the braces, connections, and tie-downs taken care of, remove the battery by pulling it towards the back of the car. You won’t be able to remove it when you pull it up while it’s still locked in, there’s a tiny wedge that keeps it down in the corner.

Putting a new battery

Slide the new battery inside with the vent locked in. Tip: Get the same and exact battery with the same Amp Hour ratings or you will need to register your new battery. Registering the battery is done at BMW dealership or specialty BMW shops.

You should get  AGM batteries whenever possible. But if you have an AGM battery and change to the old white-styled battery flood acid battery, make sure you reprogram and register this new battery type. Staying in the same type of battery and amp hour rating as your previous one wouldn’t require for reprogramming.

Get the long bolt back with little gasket attached to it back in place and tie the battery back down at the bottom. You should be able to reconnect the positive terminal without a problem. Attach the positive correctly to avoid getting error codes, do not leave the terminals loose. Get the long brace in place to hold the battery down and bolt the 13mm back in both ends. Connect the negative terminal back to the battery while making sure you don’t damage the wires.

Before you start your vehicle be warned you will see lots of warning lights after your BMW loses power.  Sometimes, these warning lights will remain on unless the following procedures are done successfully. Proceed to put the key in and turn the ignition on. The warning lights on the dash should turn on by now. The first step is to set the date and clock. Then start the car. In case, there are other error codes / 4×4 / ABS warning lights, what should you do? Just sweep the steering wheel completely left to right, lock to lock. And if there are still any other error codes for anything else, take the car for a short drive.  Most of the warning lights will reset within the first couple of miles of the drive.

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