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Have you ever received a BMW Increased battery discharge message in your vehicle? What does it mean?

The reason

High battery drainage happens for a lot of reasons, such as your vehicle has an old battery that needs to be replaced, an accessory inside your vehicle is connected, or a dash cam hooked up and is draining the battery as a result.

You can try disconnecting the accessories or the cables connected inside your car that’s draining your battery and see if that helps.

How to fix BMW Increased Battery Discharge

Start the vehicle. If you want the message to reappear again, hit the check button on I-Drive information display. You can read a message telling you to ‘go and visit your BMW dealer’. If this is your first time getting the message, there is no need to be concerned yet. You can try putting your battery on a trickle charger to regenerate before it gets worse. No one wants that. Batteries are expensive, sometimes, they even have to be coded and replace them with the exact battery type.

Check your accessories like the scanner or everything in the trunk and make sure that everything is turned off. It’s important to make sure nothing is being powered on by the vehicle.

Charge the battery and see what happens. If the message doesn’t go away, proceed to check the battery and its connections. The battery is normally located in the trunk. It is also possible that the problem is the IBS or the Intelligent Battery Sensor. You can click here if you want to know how to fix it. The IBS has been known to cause random no starts on most late model BMWs.

If this is your first time, you’d want to pay attention right away and fix it. Safely charge the vehicle. Make sure your hood or trunk is not open and learn to do this the right way to get your battery back in a good state. There are good chargers available and are inexpensive under $40.

Still getting the message?

If you’re still getting the BMW Increased battery discharge message every time you open your car doors and having observed that the lights inside are on, it would help to upgrade into LED lights. LED lights are better to avoid burning the battery all the time and are more efficient. As you may have observed with your normal lights, they feel hot when touched. This means that a lot of energy is being used, contributing to draining your battery.

Just checking

To check if the message has disappeared, turn your vehicle on with the motor running, you will notice the small triangle and the warning on your I-Drive system. Then, turn the engine off along with the lights. Turn the engine back on and check if everything is gone, the message on the dash and the little triangle you see on the screen warning you about the high rate of battery discharge should be gone.

Another option is if you go into the I-Drive system, choose the ‘Info Sources’, then ‘Service Info’, and check if it reads an ‘All Systems check’ to know that everything checks out! Alternately if your vehicle doesn’t have an I-Drive system or maybe your screen is damaged, to the left of the steering wheel is the turn signal lever, you should see B/C button on the top. Press it and wait for the check mark on the instrument cluster. Continue to hold it in and see if it checks fine, too. Fixing this as soon as possible would save you money and buy you a few years before spending a hefty sum to get it fixed.

Is your vehicle showing signs of BMW Increased battery discharge?

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